We got to sleep harder and SOFY tells us why.

We Indians have seen ample ads that make us laugh more than they make sense. I’m sure you would recall the phrase ‘Tapaaa Tap’ when the topic of discussion is bad advertising. BTW, sanitary pad ads also rank quite high in the list of nonsensical advertisements.

Admit it, we hate seeing ads on menstruation which consider the natural cycle as a confidence-dwindling thing. Moreover, we’re tired of watching these sanitary napkin brands sticking to the trite way of marketing their products.

*Reality Check* It doesn’t work.

Sofy had released a rather annoying two-ad series on a love story which could be completed only because the girl who is low on confidence otherwise, given to her periods, decides to use Sofy.


Source: gurl.com

That made me wonder who could have allowed such a hideously idiotic thing to pass as an ad. However, Sofy has now corrected its mistake by releasing this new ad called Girl Uninterrupted. The ad refers to menstruation with an absolutely fresh approach and I love it! It’s good that they realised that periods are more than just the worry of stains and wearing white pants in “those five days”.

They have even started the campaign #GirlUninterrupted which trended on Twitter. So, you got to “sleep uninterrupted to stay uninterrupted.” And honestly, I love sleeping so I’d give this ad one extra mark anyway!

Wanna know why? Watch the ad here.

Source: youtube.com

Now that’s the way, Ahaa Ahaa!