So it is after moving to Mumbai that I realised how much I love Pizza. It was just another of those pizza-craving-days when I urged my friends to join me for one ANYWHERE. Since they were already going to Phoenix and there’s Domino’s over there, we decided to satiate my Pizza hunger at Dominos.

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Ohh that thought of extra cheese extending between my mouth and a pizza slice considerably reduced the levels of patience in me during all the shopping my friends had to do. Little had I known that the crowded Dominos would end up leaving me wondering why it was crowded in the first place in spite of the rather disappointing hospitality.

Well, being welcomed with unwelcoming countenances has been a common experience for me, here in Mumbai. “Does cheese burst option apply to Pizza Mania pizzas?” asked Shivani only to be responded with a nonchalant non-verbal rude mouth gesture. You know that ‘click’ kind of sound that you make while responding in the negative to a question about whether you have finished your work or not? That.

I was kinda past caring and wanted my pizza in front of me. We ordered. It took a good twenty-five minutes for our order to be prepared. Fine. You can wait for a tasty pizza to melt in your mouth at the cost of those minutes and a hole in your pocket (in Dominos’ case), can’t you? I did.

The moment they served the pizzas without ketchup and even a single tissue was the moment when I realised how badly they lacked common sense and etiquette. Man, when somebody orders a cheese burst, tissues are compulsory to catch hold of all the cheese that flows out from the corners of the mouth. But no, these people seemed least bothered in that regard.

Coming to the pizza- Well thankfully, it was good although damn heavy. I wish these Domino’s people were beyond their grumpy faces and impolite hospitality. It would improve their service to a great extent, you know. The tasty pizza saved their asses, though. And to think of it, I think all that haughtiness comes from the scrumptious pizzas lest they be bashed up hard.

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Care to share similar bad experiences? Do it in the comments below.

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Author: HamnaHS

I like to judge! Wait, before you judge me, let me tell you that I like constructive judgement which in other words means that I review stuff. I'm one of those who start looking at a music video on YouTube and end up watching a Short film or a Tech Video, that is, something on entirely different lines. I like to wander in that virtual world while sipping on my tea. And thus, I'm here to describe the discoveries of my wanderings.

5 thoughts on “#HospitalityFail”

  1. Hey HamnaHS,
    I’m a great fan of your’s. I like to follow your every (satirical) post. Reading your posts gives me an idea of where and how to use Sarcasm.

    I’m e-mailing you my contact number, (please don’t share with anyone) maybe we can end up being friends.

    Looking forward to new light.

  2. Hey Hamna, so great so see your initiative to start blogging! 🙂 I came across one of your blogs today and decided to read all of them. They are really nice. 🙂 I just could not help noticing this one and wanted to share some thoughts on the same!
    While I totally agree with you that giving tissues is one of the basic etiquettes while serving food, I just have a couple points running in my mind:
    1- I, and I am sure you have ordered/ ate at dominoes and you always saw the delivery boy handing you your pizza with a smile on his face serving you the tissues and all the extra oreganoes we ask for with no hesitation.
    2- Dominoes always surprises us with their exciting offers for their customers like 1+1, 50% off etc. I have even had 3-4 incidences where they gave me the pizza free because it was 30 minutes late. Later I got a call from them apologising and asking me for feedback.
    3-The biggest conclusion that I can arrive at from your blog is that it might have been a one time incidence at a speific store and not “Dominoes” as a whole. The biggest thing is to inform them about it.

    Solution: Since you were not satisfied with their service, you can always inform this to them or write it in the feedback book that they have. When you are writing further food blogs involving a restaurant which has several branches, you could mention the specific branch from which you were not satisfied.

    P.S- They take customer happiness very seriously and if you tell them that you were not satisfied you might just get a free choco lava cake 😉

    Continue with the awesome work and looking forward to read more of your posts! 😀


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