A Cold Blow to Coldplay

The news of Coldplay performing in Lower Parel spread like wildfire throughout the country. As much as it evoked nationwide expressions of awe, it caused feelings of regret in Mumbaikars who missed the opportunity of watching the popular band play in the city’s streets. Turns out they were playing for their music video, which has been released of late, called Hymn for the Weekend.

Busy streets, sadhus in swag, people playing Holi, Indianized Beyoncé (as is evident from her attire, overloaded jewellery and mehndi-stained hands) in a kinetoscope, dingy theatre, the mandatory boys-water-dive, Kuchipudi dancers among other similar things constituted the ingredients put together to prepare a concoction which a lot of Indians found distasteful.

Shot in Mumbai and Banaras, the video has the band performing on a street with hip-hopping children, Sonam Kapoor angelically releasing rose petals from her grip along with Beyoncé acting as a mystical woman clad in designer duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla’s noteworthy ensemble. However, I didn’t understand what she tried to do there.

beyonce clothes

The video received much flak from the viewers for showing poverty (which I didn’t really see) and too much colour which is the clichéd way of outsiders projecting India. My question is, where would you get a picture clicked if you were in London or New York? Won’t you think of London Eye and Statue of Liberty? Obviously, you’d want to capture the real essence of the place which, in India’s case, lies in the streets. And the colour only adds to the beauty, so why not have it?

More than that, Sonam Kapoor was caught in a vortex of memes and jokes for her mere 3-second-appearance in the video. But wait, who cares? It’s a Coldplay video after all! She had her share of fun and we shouldn’t object to that. This is another one of those least important things that we people find the most importance in.

Courtesy: kawaius.com

The song is catchy and pleasant which makes it more a win for Coldplay than a Loss- People are sure to hum the song even if they choose not to watch the ‘clichéd’ video. And I am not one of them ’cause I enjoy the video as much as the song. The British band’s admiration for India which was projected only through Coldplay written in Hindi on the instruments until now, has finally materialized.

Banner Image courtesy: india.com

All the other Images have been taken from YouTube and the GIFs have been created on giphy.com.


Author: HamnaHS

I like to judge! Wait, before you judge me, let me tell you that I like constructive judgement which in other words means that I review stuff. I'm one of those who start looking at a music video on YouTube and end up watching a Short film or a Tech Video, that is, something on entirely different lines. I like to wander in that virtual world while sipping on my tea. And thus, I'm here to describe the discoveries of my wanderings.

2 thoughts on “A Cold Blow to Coldplay”

  1. I could relate so much to what you wrote. I don’t know what after all was so offensive about the video for a lot of people I know.
    And this is a nicely put piece 🙂

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