When I watched the Koyla Burn

What happens when an ideal hero like Shahrukh Khan and his sidekick like Johnny Lever (only to add a tinge of not-so-funny comedy) indulge in a fight against infamous characters of Amrish Puri and Ranjeet (the accomplice) with their sidekicks and a damsel caught in the vortex? Koyla is produced.

Does the plot remind you of some other film?

I’ll give you a hint- Two Heroes, two maidens, sidekicks (the same ones) and the lechers (the SAME ONES), vengeance and a Maa full of conviction. Yes! Koyla looks like an abridged version of Karan Arjun sans the Maa and big brother.

Now I will take a moment to commend Amrish Puri. He deploys his lecherous tactics to his full capacity in spite of being hampered by old age. All that testosterone does not seem to wither, really. And of course, his remarkable dialogue ‘Bloody Phool’ is to watch out for!

Courtesy: aloo-gobi.com

Anyway besides the lavish Mahal, the oppressive Raja, the hero and sidekicks; a lot of things are similar.

The songs seem almost corresponding to Karan Arjun and so does the objectification of women. I wonder why no one ever objected to that overtly insensitive way of portraying females, be it focussing on the bosom or possessing the girls. And why in the hell are those unnecessary item numbers there?!

Although Gauri (Madhuri Dixit) falls in love with Shankar by a mere glance at his photograph to the extent of imagining a five-minute song with the dumb guy, she shows a sense of logic in certain instances in the film.

Courtesy: tumblr.com

She clearly opposes the idea of marrying someone without seeing them and also abides by her principles. However, she forgets that a lot is to be considered apart from a prospective groom’s pretty face. Sigh!

Moreover, she proves her badass nature by not uttering a single word of the highly patriarchal prayer that clearly suggests that her life is only worthwhile if her husband is kept at the pinnacle of it, which the Pandit urges her to chant.

Courtesy: tumblr.com

It seems like they did not want the heroine to overpower the hero’s charm so they contained her ability in a bottle and let out only little hints of it throughout the film.

Well, the film is good for a one-time-nonserious-kinda-watch. Even if you doze off midway and wake up towards the end, you’ll miss only unnecessary drama, I assure.

Banner image courtesy: fiirso.com

Watch Koyla here: vidsshare.com


Author: HamnaHS

I like to judge! Wait, before you judge me, let me tell you that I like constructive judgement which in other words means that I review stuff. I'm one of those who start looking at a music video on YouTube and end up watching a Short film or a Tech Video, that is, something on entirely different lines. I like to wander in that virtual world while sipping on my tea. And thus, I'm here to describe the discoveries of my wanderings.

12 thoughts on “When I watched the Koyla Burn”

  1. Your blog is conspicuously pointing over the scope for improvement regarding heroine’s role . (Constructive Judgement (Y) )

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