A Scoopful of Humour-Coated Wisdom

The Viral Fever hardly fails to surprise the audience with its satirical, out right comical and yet sensible work.  Be it Chai Sutta Chronicles, Barely Speaking with Arnab or Pitchers, TVF’s entertainment does not solely give others a laugh but leaves them thinking with its subtleties.

The Permanent Roommates – Season 2. *EPISODE 2 SPOILERS AHEAD*

Mikesh the practical, simple and child-like comical being partnered with the intellectual, complex and foreseer Tanya bring to you the fresh season of Permanent Roommates by TVF with striking and engaging twists. Even with just two episodes released till now, the exorbitant viewership says a lot about the popularity and anticipation of the web series. Watch the show for some progressive factors.

Episode Two: Progressive Factors

Acceptance of Pre-marital Pregnancy



Although Mikesh and Tanya belong to middle-class Indian families, Tanya’s pregnancy does not become a matter of disdain in the household. Everyone accepts it with brief resistance from Mikesh’s grandfather (Asrani) and a worrisome Mikesh’s mother. No one blames or judges the girl. However, the duos’ parents wanting to get the two married at the earliest gives a hint of societal pressure even if it is not overtly spoken of.

Second Marriage

papa collage

Tanya’s father who wishes to marry her aunt expresses his concern over what-the-people-would-say if he marries at a rather old age but soon he overcomes his fears as he recalls how he had forgotten to live for himself while living for his daughter. From playing cricket with neighbourhood kids after his wife’s demise to marrying again, he had supressed his desires until gaining confidence to facing it and getting encouragement from Mikesh and also Tanya as it turns out to be. It tells us that age is just a number indeed.

The Post-Modern man


A man who cries, cuddles and acts cute, according to Mikesh, is the Post-modern man which he suggests Tanya’s father to become. He shuns the idea of being a macho man and declares that the most powerful weapon for a man is tear(s). His father-in-law accepts the idea and hey! It works well for him. They prove that a man who can freely express his emotions, is a man after all and in no way compromises his ‘mardaangi’. What is mardaangi anyway?!

So now, go and catch up on what you have missed at tvfplay.com or install the TVFPlay app on your android.

Images courtesy: tvfplay.com


Author: HamnaHS

I like to judge! Wait, before you judge me, let me tell you that I like constructive judgement which in other words means that I review stuff. I'm one of those who start looking at a music video on YouTube and end up watching a Short film or a Tech Video, that is, something on entirely different lines. I like to wander in that virtual world while sipping on my tea. And thus, I'm here to describe the discoveries of my wanderings.

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